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How much is a large roll of household aluminum foil per ton, MOQ

Household aluminum foil is a kind of food-grade aluminum foil, which is widely used in the process of food preparation and storage in homes, hotels and restaurants. Market Applications and Demands of Household Aluminum Foil is generally used for cooking, freezing, preserving and baking. Its advantages are convenient and safe to use. MC Aluminum specializes in the production of large rolls of household foil, and customers can divide the large rolls into smaller rolls.

Commonly used alloys for household aluminum foil are 8011 and 1235. It is widely used in food packaging, restaurant, barbecue, etc.

How much is a large roll of household aluminum foil per ton, and the minimum order quantity? The price of aluminum foil will vary due to its different thickness, different state alloys and the price of aluminum ingots on that day. MC Aluminum can undertake aluminum foil orders of 1-200 tons. The household aluminum foil produced by MC Aluminum has food grade, safety guard, no black spots, clean oil removal, and less pinholes. You are welcome to contact us at any time for product information and quotations.

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